There's not a whole lot of local flavor left on broadcast TV these days: You get more Twin Town ambience playing "spot the neighborhood" on HGTV's Decorating Cents or watching Mary Tyler Moore Show reruns on Channel 45. So our vote is for TPT-2. Sure, there are just too many MOR music specials with the likes of Barry Manilow and Daniel O'Donnell. And we're not excited about motivational speakers such as Suze Orman using fundraising time for infomercials. Still, Frontline and Nova are masterful, welcome examples of the single-issue television documentary. TPT-2 is also the only place on basic broadcast where you can tune into the BBC World News. Finally, multi-part costume-drama epics such as Bleak House can still get us to tune in night after night. The channel itself serves as home base for the lively kids' science show Dragonfly TV and for the news magazine Almanac, whose frequent corniness is offset by unflashy yet detailed reporting on legislative issues. You might have to wade through a concertina recital to see the governor get grilled over the gentle flames of hosts Eric Eskola and Cathy Wurzer, but it's worth it.


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