Eric Perkins

Ever notice how weird-looking the sports anchors are in this market? Consider Mark Rosen, veteran sports chief at 'CCO. We don't have the benefit of a medical degree in this judgment, but Rosen really ought to get checked for pituitary disorder. Over at KSTP, Rod Simons resembles a middle manager from the Payless Shoes home office, but with vampire eyebrows. (Please don't bite us, Rod!) And what of KARE's B-team player Tim McNiff? Granted, McNiff loves sports: That much has been obvious since he cut his teeth doing post-game interviews with the hapless Gophers football coach Jim Wacker. But he has no lips—none. It's a cruel truth: You need lips to have a successful career in TV. In this motley company, Eric Perkins stands out for being genuinely telegenic. In TV, such shallow virtues go a long way. Maybe it's all in the genes: Perk's father is the sotto-voiced newsman and Biography host Jack Perkins. To be sure, the younger Perkins sometimes ventures into silly territory: His weekly Perk at Play segments are funny if you watch them while inhaling pharmaceutical-grade nitrous oxide; otherwise, they're a waste of time. That said, in his daily sports wrap duties, Perkins is competent and kind of charming. And, like we said, he doesn't look like a freak of nature.


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