Dan Barreiro

The problem with sports talk radio is that most of these full-time jock-sniffers only talk, sports. How many hours of speculation about the fate of Daunte Culpepper or the inadequacy of the Twins' offseason moves can a psychologically healthy human being tolerate? (While we're on the subject: Tony Bautista? Please tell us this is a joke.) The best sports talk shows acknowledge that there's a world outside of first downs and fast breaks, and that men playing with balls might not even be the most pressing issue currently confronting the world. That's why the most interesting eggheads on the dial—Patrick Reusse, Dan Cole, and Dan Barreiro—spend a large chunk of their on-air time exploring issues outside the realm of trade rumors and free-agent signings. Barreiro, for his thoughtful, engaging interviews, gets the nod here. The former Star Tribune columnist preps well, asks intelligent, concise questions, and cuts people off (without being a jerk) when they get longwinded. Whether quizzing Al Green on his musical roots, Zygi Wilf on his football IQ, or National Journal writer Stuart Taylor Jr. on government wiretapping, Barreiro draws incisive commentary out of his guests.


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