FM 107.1

With benign political dialogue overtaking even sports radio, it seems odd that a talk-radio station about, well, nothing would even attempt to compete in a volatile market like the Twin Cities. The station's tagline is "real. life. conversation."—the lowercase and periods flung all over their website as if, you know, talking for three hours about Oscar fashions is as everyday as someone lazily dashing off a grammatically incorrect e-mail update to a friend about their Girl Scout cookie order: thin mints are here gosh they're deadly call me about gym later love ya bye!!!. Or maybe that's what the folks at 107.1 consider to be the capital Real. Life. Conversation. In any case (upper or lower), conversation here is usually defined as something that occurs between two or more people who often cackle at each other's cornball jokes, and with suburban women-centric topics that are about as thought-provoking as a good teeth-flossing. To wit: Lori and Julia, the drive-time divas, can talk for hours about things like movie stars or their own massages and Mexican vacations. In other words, it's kind of like you're eavesdropping on conversations happening at Chico's in Edina or over Weight Watcher meals at Applebee's. But we have a big confession to make: Being a voyeur can be fun. The Kevyn and Colleen show, for example, while not necessarily mind-bending, does provide a good antidote to Gary Eichten's devil's-advocate shtick on MPR. We only wish that a talk-radio station catering to women could sometimes be about issues of more import than shopping and weight loss. But maybe that requires speaking in all caps.


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