Peter Rothstein

Theater Latté Da artistic director Peter Rothstein worked a lot last year, and the product of his efforts was of both consistent quality and fairly stunning variety. He staged Puccini's La Bohème with a stripped-down orchestra and a young cast, then pursued a collaboration with the Interact Center's disabled theater artists for King of Hearts, an oddball take on sanity and madness during wartime. Latté Da's Bankrupt City Ballad was a flawed gem, depicting Depression-era dance marathons with great energy and invention, if a paucity of story. Rothstein also took a detour to direct Sally Wingert in Minnesota Jewish Theatre's Family Secrets, a light work that Wingert and Rothstein turned into a storytelling clinic. The end of the year saw him return to a couple of comedic collaborations: with Tod Petersen in the latest take on A Christmas Carole Petersen, and with Jim Lichtscheidl in an expanded version of the irresistible Knock! More, please.


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