Mary Ann Bradley

Choreographers wish for versatile dancers, for the rare movers who make it look easy to slide and glide between genres, moods, and even eras. The elegant Mary Ann Bradley possesses such talent, and, lucky for dance audiences, she has had many opportunities to display it in the past year. Last spring, the Jazzdance member performed in Danny Buraczeski's farewell concert and owned the stage, her generous spirit soaring to the music of artists as diverse as Astor Piazzolla and Judy Garland. Likewise, in works by TU Dance, the Dayton, Ohio, native embraced Uri Sands's lush and playful choreography, effectively communicating the warmth and seemingly effortless breadth of the movement. Bradley has also worked with Ragamala Music & Dance Theater, Zenon Dance Company, Mathew Janczewski's Arena Dances, and Robin Stiehm's Dancing People Company, among others, demonstrating an impressive kinetic aptitude and range, plus a top-notch work ethic that shows every time she leaps into the spotlight. Bradley is a fierce and fearless performer who exemplifies how to be a consummate professional while clearly enjoying the challenge of her artistic boundaries.


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