Shut Your American Pie-Hole

There has been a distinct and appealing vibe of crankiness emanating from the Brave New Workshop of late, and no show better captured that foul mood than this one. With Shut Your American Pie-Hole, head crank Caleb McEwen (we mean crank in the best possible way) teamed up with wife Katy McEwen for a hearty assault on the straw man of "family values." In the show's early going, it was apparent that the pair wasn't going to be content to tiptoe along the edge of taste: When Katy castigated Caleb for all his swearing, he sneered at the audience and proclaimed, "Fuck 'em!" Caleb's pissed-off braininess worked to great effect with Katy's poison wholesomeness; after sharing duties on the C&W ditty "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" they launched into a McGruff the Crime Dog takeoff in which the canine detective mulled over the subject of pedophiliac rape in the backs of perverts' vans. Dr. Laura was dissected in a spirit of true ickiness, and the subject of transubstantiation was exploded with repulsive glee. The final portions crossed into greatness, with Terry Schiavo wresting control of the world from Dubya and Ah-nuhld, and the very notion of the American family being held up for scorn. It was a beautiful night.


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