Roseville 4

There's nothing quite like Dollar Tuesdays at the Roseville 4 on a humid summer night. Why this discount is such a big deal, no one knows. It's only $1 less than the price of admission on other nights, and no cheaper than at other second-run theaters offering the same deal. Yet on Tuesdays at the aging multiplex on Larpenteur, entire school systems seem to have emptied into the four theaters. Laugh lines become roar lines. Scares become massive shrieks. Nothing else immediately sets this budget movie house apart—the drive-ins have more character, the Parkway caters to cineastes, and the hip Riverview is a landmark. But, like the Riverview, the Roseville 4 uses real butter on its popcorn. It's also an independently owned family business. (The Guetschoffs run the Cambridge Theatre as well.) And, for reasons that remain obscure, movies here always look good: in focus, full of color, and properly illuminated. (If only you could say this about most first-run theaters.) Though the Roseville's decor is worn, the seating is comfy (all cushioned, high-back rockers), and there's enough taste in programming to guarantee that at least one good film is always playing. When it comes to the simple pleasures of moviegoing, the Roseville 4 gets it.


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