After overdosing on pan-ethnic hippie swag at Calhoun Square, seek refuge at Heartbreaker and revel in the unapologetic trendiness of their merchandise. Sometimes you want to wear a scarlet tunic with leg-o'-mutton sleeves, sometimes you want to wear a fitted tee emblazoned with "Diamond Dogs"-era David Bowie, sometimes you want to wear Lucite-soled stilettos that require backup medical coverage. Whatever the case, if you want to look hot in the Paris Hilton sense, Heartbreaker's got you (un)covered. This spacious Uptown storefront houses every element for the perfect dump-him ensemble: shoes, bags, and of course, those signature Heartbreaker tops that accentuate the, um, collarbones. Best of all, it's sex on a shoestring budget; you can score a complete outfit here for less than a meal at Mission. Kit yourself out in these threads, and you might find yourself breaking hearts with impunity. That Guatemalan rollneck sweater you bought at the head shop might be comfy, but come on, live a little! Those exquisite collarbones deserve to be seen.

Location Details

2941 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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