Faces and More

Who would have guessed that the Twin Cities' best waxing salon is in a strip mall on the Bloomington/Richfield border? Faces and More has the same upscale products and comforting decor one finds at salons in tonier neighborhoods, but their prices are well below the Uptown and Edina norm. Waxing is a masochist's folly; after all, we're talking about molten wax and ripping strips of hair out by the root. So don't believe anyone about it not hurting--it does, and the pain varies depending on what you're getting waxed. Those hardcore folks who brave the pain and embarrassment of a "Brazilian" add the exposure equivalent of a full gynecological exam to the experience. Unlike some salons, Faces and More uses the stronger paraffin wax, which reduces having to re-wax the same spot, and also lessens the possibility of ingrown hairs. The Faces and More staff offers the perfect combination for shy Minnesotans: efficient and professionally friendly while somehow also supremely disinterested. Remember to always specify how much hair you want left. And if you're getting a wax in prep for a big date, get it the day before--otherwise you might be red or sensitive. But the next day, oh baby.


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