Theater Antiques

If half the fun of shopping is the hunt, Theater Antiques is a two-week African safari. With several dealers sharing a space that's overflowing with odd little bits of Americana, treasures hide out in the damnedest places. Looking for a pair of shoes? Scan the floor of the entire store (including the hidden feet of every gussied-up mannequin). But then, don't forget to raise your eyes to the overhead shelves, because they're just as fruitful. Accoutrements like cufflinks can be found in a dozen glass cases crammed with decades' worth of jewelry. Gloves, handkerchiefs, and scarves are stored in bins that smell pleasantly like Grandma. And once you've found the perfect '40s ensemble, imagine how you'll look in it while stretching out on a nearby chaise lounge, Norma Desmond-style. It's not too difficult to find vintage stores in the Twin Cities, but Theater Antiques is more than a shop--it's a lifestyle as well.


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