At Creative Kidstuff you can walk in, grab a sweet, rosy-cheeked clerk, and say, "I need a board game for a smart ten-year-old, a rocket safe enough for a three-year-old, outdoor dollhouse furniture for the seven-year-old with everything, and a unicorn suitable for a preschool-aged boy." Twenty minutes--and a big hit on your wallet--later you'll be walking out, bright-colored bags in hand, holiday shopping done. Or you can block off a couple of hours on your calendar and browse to your inner child's content. At Creative Kidstuff they not only know kids of all ages, they know what parents want, too. And the place avoids the violent, the schlocky, the commercial, and the über-plasticky. Instead the shelves are filled with crafts, toys for imaginative play, and plenty of blond wood to go with your decor.

Location Details

10 W. 7th St.
St. Paul MN 55102


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