Uptown Tattoo

"Bold will hold," the ink-slinger's adage goes, and the eye-popping work at Uptown holds up on every level. Located above Bob's Java Hut, this appointment-only shop (the occasional walk-in welcome) on 27th Street and Lyndale Avenue is for serious tattoo aficionados--if you're jonesing to get a blurred monarch butterfly etched on your ankle, you might want to look elsewhere. With demonic Japanese Noh masks leering on the walls and Satan's greatest hits blaring on the sound system, fresh blood and colored ink couldn't commingle in a more appropriate place. Whether you're looking for an old-school candy striper on your calf or a biomechanical backpiece, artists Steve, Nic, Jon, and Tom create the sort of memorable work that winds up being exposed time and time again for curious admirers. And isn't that the point, you inked-out peacock, you?


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