This Twin Cities mini-chain is a soccer geek's dream. The two area locations offer a top-notch collection of merchandise for active players, neophyte coaches, and armchair enthusiasts. In terms of basic pitch accessories--cleats, shin guards, shorts, socks, balls--you won't find a better selection. There's also a wide variety of international apparel. Been searching for that Ronaldo jersey that will surely elevate your game (or at least your FIFA Soccer 2005 Xbox skills)? Soccer Express is the place. Or how about a videotape of the 2000 European Championship final between France and Italy? They've got that too. And for soccer moms or dads who suddenly find themselves, uh, coaching junior's pee-wee squad, both locations also feature a helpful collection of books and videos explaining the finer points of the game. The St. Paul store is newly expanded, cementing its place as the best place to shop for any devoted footy fan.

Location Details

653 S. Snelling Ave.
St. Paul MN 55116


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