Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota

Here's what nobody tells you when you get a pet: Your friends and relatives aren't particularly interested in caring for it when you have to go out of town. So what do you do? You hire a professional. Yes, there are people who make sure you don't have to worry about Fido while you're off on vacation or business, and like any group of responsible professionals, they've formed an association, the Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota. Professional pet sitters show up on time, and they don't resent having to clean a litter box or scoop the dog poop. These are usually seasoned veterans, and they've probably already met pets like yours, even if yours have special needs or are especially weird. What's more, these folks know exactly what to do in an emergency and they carry their own insurance. At PPSM's website you can enter your zip code and you'll be presented with a list of member pet-sitting companies that serve your area. Make reservations very early; since professional pet sitters are in demand, their schedules fill up quickly.


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