Polo Ralph Lauren

Spending a thousand bucks or more on a suit is probably a sign of extreme vanity, mixed-up priorities, and, of course, too much disposable income. Then again, people find all sorts of dubious ways to spend their money, and smart gentlemen know that it's better to show up for a date or job interview in a jalopy and killer threads than to step out of a fancy ride in Dockers and a fleece pullover. If you want to get as close as currently possible to the classic Anglo-American style seen in '40s movies and once sold at Brooks Brothers, the Ralph Lauren store is your best bet. Lauren's suit cuts change slightly every year, but he almost always sticks to the fundamentals of balance; line; and elegant, durable fabrics that define mainstream style. Whether you want to dress with impeccable conservatism or make a statement, here's where you can get the classics: a gray-flannel-chalk-stripe double-breasted, a navy three-button pinstripe, a tan linen, a tweed jacket that should last you 20 years. Wilder patterns and fabrics can be found during the store's semiannual trunk shows--so if you really want a lavender summer suit, it can be arranged. Or if you have no need for formality and don't want to spend a fortune, the store is almost always hawking marked-down exemplars of currently resurgent preppie fashion and anti-fashion. When it comes to Polo sales, one can usually count on this rule: the louder the garment, the deeper the discount. Thrifty fans of pastel corduroys and polka-dot bow ties, take note.

Location Details

6415 Labeaux Ave NE
Albertville MN 55301


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