Face it: You need a new (or another) best friend. It's time to fill that space in your life that's impossible to ignore. But where do you go to find that furry or fluffy or feathery pal? The Twin Cities metro has an admirable number of quality animal shelters, including the Animal Humane Society, with locations in Golden Valley and Coon Rapids. Both locations have clean, bright, modern facilities that house all manner of pets awaiting homes. Dogs, cats, parakeets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters--if it's a pet, then they probably have it. The friendly staff cares for the animals and guides potential owners through the adoption process. And it is indeed a process: Potential owners are screened to make sure every animal goes to a home where it will be loved and cared for. Adoption fees run from $100 to $325 for dogs, $70 to $125 for cats, $5 to $30 for small rodents, and fees for birds begin at $16. At the Golden Valley location, AHS also offers public seminars on pet care and animal behavior, dog-training classes (for a fee), and a pet loss support group.

Location Details

1411 Main St.
Coon Rapids MN 55448


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