BEST MALL (2005)

Southdale Mall

Next year the oldest mall in Minnesota--indeed, some insist the nation--turns 50. And may we just say that in our opinion, Southdale has matured quite nicely. Yes, there's the big hollow husk that used to be Mervyn's, but who shopped there anyhow? We've always preferred the rest of the mall: one of the best-stocked Marshall Field's outposts in town; a JC Penney; an Aveda store; a decent range of specialty clothing shops; and even two housewares places, Crate and Barrel and the much more funky and tantalizing Cooks of Crocus Hill. The attached multiplex has 16 screens and stadium seating, and while we think it's a shame that the "fine dining" addition tacked on a few years back doesn't serve up anything truly fitting that boast, we applaud the fact that if you really want to, you can now get a Champagne cocktail or some lettuce wraps after the show.


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