MAC Cosmetics

True, MAC is no mom-and-pop war-paint shop, but do you really want to look like Mom? MAC's products, developed for professional make-up artists, are renowned for their rich pigments, varied finishes, and balls-out glamour (the latter effect often literal, as adoring drag queens can attest). The Uptown shop, wedged squarely at Lake and Hennepin, is stocked with a blinding spectrum of lipsticks, loose powders, sable-tipped applicators, and the coolest estheticians ever to model black Lycra and brush holsters. The service is without parallel; after you've been puffed and polished into an exotic vision, an associate will enter your products into a personal database to ensure you never forget which shade of saffron looks best on your lids. Are they attentive? Merely finger a tube of Lipglass with interest, and you'll find yourself being ushered into a chair, assaulted with cotton swabs, and transformed into Mr. or Mrs. Minnesota Fabulous, Uptown division. So the next time you're in Uptown, blow off that viniyasa yoga class and beautify yourself the old-fashioned way. Viva glam!


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