My Tobacco Store

Hard against the Hilltop trailer park community sits My Tobacco Store, a friendly beacon amid the strip malls and asphalt that constitute southern Anoka County. The storefront's hand-painted sign proclaims, "Tobacco: Now and Forever." In truth, the shop appears geared toward all manner of combustibles. A broad array of cigars and cigarettes can be had at competitive prices, and when we were there six weeks ago, and then again last week, we also found a generous selection of hand-blown glassware and attractive wooden pipes for what-have-you. Friendly staffers are always on hand to guide the confused shopper. (What was that Nestea can doing in the display case, and why did it cost $20?) Stay a while--and pull a few tubes of Captain Black through your new water pipe. And don't forget to pick up a few sticks of Misty Mountain incense on your way out.


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