Unlike most trendy salons in the Twin Cities, Olive Salon makes clients feel at home--rather than feeling they were unceremoniously plopped into some ultra-cool wannabe New York salon run by snotty hipsters recently fired from Urban Outfitters. Located in Loring Park, this salon also is a mini art gallery, filled with colorful paintings from local artists that are perfectly complemented by the lime-green and cobalt-blue walls. Thankfully, there's no obnoxious club music bouncing off these warm walls, either. Instead, the salon opts for the sounds of Elliott Smith and, earlier in the day, sometimes a bit of Snoop Dogg's Greatest Hits. Whether you're looking for a lavender Mohawk (all-over color, $45 and up), an updated bob (haircuts $30 and up), a fully dreaded head ($200), or just a quick trim, the stylists treat each haircut as if it's their own personal work of art.

Location Details

1506 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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