This neighborhood garden center in south Minneapolis is Mecca for garden gurus and novices alike. Here, the botanical-minded can find everything they need to create their very own oasis: wooden wind chimes that won't drive the neighbors batty, unique annuals that will make the same neighbors jealous, a wide assortment of clay pots that are sure to match any decor, and handmade decorations like glass butterflies that will add a signature touch to your labor of love. Plus, this meditative retreat in the center of the city is one of the few places that offer organic gardening supplies. There's no longer any need to kill those persistent weeds using earth-polluting chemicals. Instead, opt for a magical mixture of vinegar and lemon that will make even the thickest thistle shrivel up like it just got dropped into the deep fryer. Plus, the center's beyond-friendly employees are so knowledgeable about how to make a garden grow they could sprout gardenias from their fingertips. In winter.

Location Details

3738 S. 42nd Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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