Our gadget-loving buds at Best Buy have dominated the penny-pincher's knob-twiddling category for years--but another homegrown corporation has shrewdly pumped up the volume. Did you know that Target stocks the all-important Monster Cable these days? Did you know they sell Napster and iTunes cards? MP3 players and iPod Minis? TiVo boxes and DVD recorders? Well, they do, and they're affordable, too (even more so with the store's discount-giving credit card). We very nearly drove home with their 26-inch HDTV set from Samsung ($699), but common sense prevailed--for now. Granted, other stores may have a wider selection of electronic toys--but they don't sell Kleenex and toilet-bowl cleaner to boot. Indeed, we sense a rare sort of enlightened capitalism here at Target. Plus, the wide aisles are navigable even during peak shopping periods, and the employees are gentler and more attentive than in other circuit-city departments. And we've heard here and there that they give a lot of our hard-earned money to charitable causes.

Location Details

900 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis MN 55403


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