Cinema Revolution

Their nifty new digs at the edge of the Wedge haven't curbed their enthusiasm for the platters that matter: ultra-rare DVD gems such as Antonioni's The Passenger, Oscar Micheaux's Within Our Gates, Lars von Trier's The Idiots, and many others you simply won't find anywhere else in the state. Serious about cinema, staffers are even prepping a reading area--stocked with film studies tomes to expand one's must-see list--in the corner of the store. (Cineastes who read! Vive la révolution!) The selection gets better every week, but remains highly discerning: The folks at Cinema Revolution are not completists. But they are admirably willing to surrender the all-DVD distinction in the service of stocking 10 or so videotapes of films by particularly beloved auteurs (e.g., David Lynch, Jean-Luc Godard) that seem unlikely to make it to disc anytime soon. The "inner circle" membership at Cinema Revolution will make your DVD player spin, and your head, too: twenty bucks for a card that gets you 10 rentals (or $35 for 20 rentals). And they're open until midnight every day, which is really rad.


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