Every day, hordes of disappointed music consumers, kids late with the rent, thieves, and former Smashing Pumpkins fans head into Cheapo with their trash and your treasure. The abundance of new arrivals makes Cheapo an invaluable destination for the music fan and collector. Now, it should be said that shopping for used CDs simply isn't as pleasurable as shopping for used albums. First, there's the sound of shuffling through CDs, an abrasive click that seems to tsk-tsk the thrifty consumer for not properly supporting the record industry. The used-album buyer, in contrast, is serenaded by a lovely series of whoosh-puffs. Also, CD covers are too small to identify in a hurry. And efficiency is important when scouring the stuffed used racks at Cheapo. Sifting through the store's weekly used haul can take hours. Hell, in that time you could put in a few extra hours at work and buy a new CD in three minutes. But that would be foolish, since work sucks and browsing is fun and new CDs cost too damn much. At Cheapo, you'll rarely pay more than $8.95 for a used CD, and if you visit often enough, you can avoid paying full price for most of the hot new releases. Beat-up but playable CDs go for less, as do very common and less sought-after titles. The store even has used CDs for as little as 99 cents, which are particularly recommended to fans of very crappy '90s obscurities. After you're through at the Uptown store, which tends to have the hippest selection, head over to the St. Paul and Fridley stores for a good hard day of nothing much at all.

Location Details

1300 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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