This 37-year-old retail pioneer doesn't have the mom-and-pop vitality of Treehouse or Fifth Element (or its younger self), but for eclectic music lovers, the Fetus can't be beat. Here you'll find the Twin Cities' best and deepest selections of jazz and R&B--winding racks with a smart blend of recent fare and catalog essentials. The store's rock section is also extensive, and we're grateful that it's not broken up into sub-genres like it is at Cheapo (where one has to decide whether MC5 are filed in "classic rock," "punk rock," or "metal"). The Fetus's international section is also pretty hot, likewise for hip hop and country, and while its dance section is a bit lacking, it will probably satisfy dabblers. The Fetus has also expanded its collection of vinyl and is now selling some used LPs, and there is still a well-stocked head shop and enough cheap gift items to keep your stockings forever stuffed with amusing gewgaws.

Location Details

2000 4th Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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