Spring cleaning starts (and, if you're like us, ends) with the yearly trip to the car wash. Time to chip months of coffee splashes off the dash and vacuum pounds of sand and salt off the floor mats. Luckily the folks at Mermaid have been taking on the filthiest of Fords for ages. Free coffee and donuts are nice perks, but that's not what makes Mermaid the best. The $12.99 Total Service Wash is one of the best deals in town. But, if your auto is subjected to the atrocities of street parking, pack-a-day smoking, and fast-food wrapper disposal, you might want to get the Treasure Chest: For a mere $199.95 you get the Total Service plus full shampoo, Armor-All all over, clean doorjambs, Tech Shield Clear Coat, and even a good tire cleaning. Aside from cleanliness, the folks at the Mermaid understand that thriftiness is damn near as close to godliness, so they also offer quantity discounts for those OCD-types who truly believe in the Church of the Clean Car.


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