Ink Lab

Don't let the name deter you; the Ink Lab may be best known as a tattoo shop, but inside this immaculate storefront lurks a cadre of highly skilled (and elaborately adorned) piercing experts. Masters of speed and accuracy, the Ink Lab kids are capable of transforming even the gnarliest modification (zero-gauge septum claw, anyone?) into a surprisingly Zen-like experience. Think of them not as needle-wielding brutes, but as breathing coaches, spirit guides, and pain-management professionals. And if you're feeling a mite anxious about getting that Princess Albertina, they excel at navel and nostril skewering as well. A good piercing studio ought to feel like an operating room with attitude, and the Ink Lab's pristine setup and thoughtful aftercare supplies strike the perfect balance between "born to rock" and "born to avoid unsightly infection." An attractive and moderately priced selection of body jewelry is also available, ranging from titanium barbells for the orally fixated to amber ear spirals for organic types. And after you've braved the pain and earned your proverbial lolly, you can head next door to Venus and find the perfect peekaboo bra for showing off that new nipple jewelry.


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