We're as into strip clubs as the next guy--unless the next guy happens to be, say, Kid Rock--but frankly, we find most of them around here to be problematic. They tend to range from high-end crass to outright scummy. And the main problem with all of them is that they simply cost too much money. On the cheap, we tend to like the conveniently located Skyway Lounge, an old staple in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, mostly because there's no cover charge and the drinks are cheap. But this year a new venue opened nearby, in the old Hotel Seville space that was formerly home to Blues Alley, a bar that had long outlived its usefulness. Dino Perlman, a former DJ at other strip clubs, has smartly positioned his venture as a sort of hipsters' gentlemen's club. Perlman readily acknowledges the pitfalls and perceptions that plague the biz, and he possesses an aesthetic sense--he's constantly on watch making sure nothing "gets out of control"--that's almost PG-13. Uh, except for all of the naked women, that is. Speaking of the women, the waitstaff is more attractive than the talent in other venues in town, and on more than one occasion, we saw crowds that were evenly split along gender lines. Most of the action is out in the open, though a VIP membership (annual cost: $1,000) does afford some privacy upstairs in the mezzanine. The cover usually runs about eight bucks, and there's a full bar and a full menu that's not cheap at all but reasonable compared to other venues of this ilk. More importantly, the atmosphere is low-key, and the ladies don't pressure customers for a lap dance--a rarity, we assure you. (The dances themselves run about $20, which is lower than the norm as well and leaves you with more cash for a good tip.) That means you can leave Club Seville with your wallet, hygiene, and dignity still largely intact.

Location Details

15 Glenwood Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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