Crazy Mouse

If you're going to ride just one ride at the State Fair, make it the Crazy Mouse. It's got all the twists, turns, ups, and downs you'll ever want to see--going by in a blur, of course--after washing down a pork chop, pronto pup, fried pickles, mini doughnuts, and French fries with a chocolate malt. The four-person cab means you get to share the joy with a posse of similarly stuffed associates. The first hairpin turn is a doozy, commencing the spinning and conveying the thought to your brain that you just might whap into the neighboring ride. What a rush! Then there's the big drop and another crazy-quilt series of spin-and-turns. By the time the lap bar rises you might be ready to purge your previous purchases and start anew. Don't forget to check out your on-ride photo.


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