Suicide Hill

What distinguishes a truly memorable sledding experience from just another excuse to get tired and cold is a bit of danger. Nothing, except maybe television, unites families, friends, and lovebirds quite like the possibility of severe bodily damage. At Kenwood Park's "Suicide Hill," sledders must navigate several rather imposing old trees, the fence of the park's tennis courts, and the ramps and bumps built up by the hill's Evel Knievel set. Conscientious parents rest easy: We've never actually seen anyone suffer any serious injuries on Suicide Hill. But we've smirked at many unglamorous wipeouts and more than a few folks bailing from their vehicles far too soon (premature ejaculators, these cowards are often called, though not around the children). On a good sledding day, Kenwood Park gets to be pretty crowded, but you never have to wait too long to make your next plummet, and you can always pass the time dreaming of hot chocolate and marshmallows.


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