Randy Moss

Seldom has so much bloviating been done on a more absurd topic than Randy Moss's fake-moon salute to the Green Bay Packer fans during last season's playoffs. The wide receiver's, um, cheeky stunt was certainly less offensive than any five-minute segment of what passes these days for local television news. (Or Red McCombs's toupee, for that matter.) But the moralistic shrews that turned Janet Jackson's nipple into a national crisis and drove Howard Stern to satellite radio seized on Moss's celebration as yet another harbinger of our nation's descent into godless vulgarity. NFL announcer Joe Buck reacted as if Moss had taken a dump on Vince Lombardi's grave. Within a week every boob with a laptop and a dial-up modem had committed their thoughts on the incident to print. Ultimately the cultural nannies got their wish: The team's most dynamic player was traded to Oakland for a lousy linebacker and a couple of draft picks. Somehow we doubt that the sports commentariat will be so gleeful about this transaction come September.


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