There are some who will say that deeming First Avenue "Best Rock Club" is like giving Grammys to the dead guy. It is a little too easy, but this is no sympathy vote. Like a near-death experience, the brief demise of the Twin Cities' most famous nightclub taught us not to take things for granted. For two and a half excruciating weeks, countless concertgoers would have sacrificed their unborn children just to see the mayor stage dive one more time. But a phoenix rose from those ashes, all pierced and tatted up and ready to bring the noise. With the club now controlled by people who've loved it unequivocally for years, visible upgrades are underway. First and foremost, the removal of most of the second floor's Plexiglas barrier literally enforces the Less talk, more rock mantra. It's good to have you back, man.

Location Details

701 1st Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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