Downtown Minneapolis

This stretch of downtown Minneapolis is overflowing with a unique mix of singles, thanks to the number of bars and destination spots that dot this veritable party street. There's the upscale posh club Infinity Room, located in Le Meridien Hotel, with its $14 drinks and über-chic clientele. There's First Avenue, with its stiffer drinks (alcohol-wise) and shows that cost as much as a Red Bull-vodka at Infinity. And of course there are the meat-market party spots like Drink, Brothers, Daddy Rocks, and Harveys, where dancing ass to crotch is as obligatory as the hefty cover charge. Still, at some point in the night, all of the Twin Cities' most action-ready singles get funneled along this street like a giant beer bong, as they stumble from bar to bar, out of the Target Center after a concert or a T-Wolves game, or to a more low-key venture at the lounge-inspired Imperial Room. A word to the wise (and not so wise): "Hey, where are you going?" is not a good pickup line, unless you want the answer to be, "Somewhere you're not." Awww, snap!


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