Lake Harriet Park

We are the luckiest landlocked runners in the world, especially this time of year. But runners, joggers, and walkers have a four-season love affair with Harriet. For as you get in your miles, you can take your mind off your sore Achilles by ogling the bods on main beach in the summer. In the autumn, you may find yourself eavesdropping on the sorts of conversations that only happen near the bandstand ("She's really starting to get her shit together"; "I just want to move on"; "The election took all the wind out of my sails"). Winter presents the temptation of sprinting across the frozen desert with its oases of icehouses. And spring? Well, spring is spring, and needs no further advertisements. The paved walking path is 2.75 miles long and ideal for runs or walks. But if you're looking for a softer place to fall, you can cut over to the dirt path or grass. When the nice weather hits, Harriet can be busier than 35W at rush hour, but after six months of running in cold and silence, all that humanity is a welcome distraction.


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