The Groveland Tap

The Groveland Tap, though small and often cramped on the weekends, offers the best of many types of bars. Up front is the classic pub section where you can sit in a roomy cherry-stained wooden booth and read a book with a burger and a pint, or have a quiet chat with an old friend while splitting a pitcher. In the middle area you can rest at the bar and talk shop with the bartenders or watch the game on one of the TVs (if basketball or football is happening somewhere, people are probably watching it here), and since you are at the bar, chances are you're sitting next to someone who would be more than willing to talk sports. In the back you can hang out and share a basket of fries with friends at the tall tables or shoot a game of pool. And even more friends are to be made while politely trying to make a difficult shot without jamming the pool cue into the couple playing a deer hunt video game or video golf. Who needs a block party to meet your neighbors?

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Location Details

1834 St. Clair Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105


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