Step into any martini bar these days and you may find yourself faced with a dilemma--whether to order the straight-up James Bond-style martini, or the colorful, glamorous-mixed-drink-masquerading-as-a-martini martini. Thankfully, Joe's Garage manages to artfully dodge this conundrum by offering the best of both worlds. Whether casually sipping on the Fortified (Absolut Kurrant, port wine, and grenadine), the Framboistini (raspberry Stoli and Chambord), the Margarini (tequila, Absolut Citron, Cointreau, and lime) or the classic gin or vodka martinis, Joe's Garage's concoctions manage to taste as any martini (classic or new wave) should: like chilled alcohol--not like a drink that would be more appropriately served with an umbrella in a giant brandy snifter. The drinks are even tastier and sexier from the Joe's rooftop, where even us martini-sipping extras can feel like secret agents and Bond girls amidst the golden glow of the summer sun setting on the Basilica.

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1610 Harmon Place
Minneapolis MN 55403


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