Slanderous Minneapolis

As any blogger will tell you--over and over--2004 was The Year of the Blog. They will tell you this because, above all else, bloggers love to talk about the power of their chosen medium. This is especially true of the political bloggers, whose antic ranting and raving has attracted the most notice from the despised MSM. (That's "mainstream media," you dumb shit.) Among the more messianic of the bunch, it is an accepted article of faith that blogs will topple the MSM and thereby liberate America from the blinding influences of the Godless Bolsheviks who run Big Media. Such arguments get tiresome awfully quickly, yet there is something worthwhile in bloggers beating on the media. But it is best done with a sense of style and a little humor. These are the virtues the anonymous creator of Slanderous Minneapolis possesses in gigabytes. Mixing fact and fiction with no or little regard for distinctions--and apparently utterly fearless about the prospect of being sued--Slanderous's stock-in-trade is really saloon-style banter and B.S. Mainly, the Slanderous directs its comic broadsides at local media "celebrities." So it is that we learn, for instance, of the dark heart of the recently promoted "nice-guy" newscaster, Joe Schmit: "In a rant fueled by frozen margaritas and methamphetamines, new KSTP news anchor Joe Schmit revealed his true colors to patrons at the Brooklyn Park TGI Friday's. Dropping his folksy, Fargo-esque delivery in favor of a thick Chechen accent, he challenged all comers to a steak-knife battle to the death with 'the God of the five o'clock report.'" That particular entry is not true in any literal sense. We don't think. But damn, it's funny.


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