Lindsay Whalen

No contest, really. For the second year in a row, the Hutchinson Hurricane is our sweetheart expat in this category, because only Paul Bunyan rivals Whalen's Minnesota legend status at the moment. All she did was make like a basketball Joan of Arc in leading the Gophers to the NCAA championship game with a broken wrist, then all she did after that was lead the Connecticut Sun to the WNBA finals. Her on-court accomplishments, of course, don't speak to her enduring legacy, or what it's like watching her play. So, yes, we admit we are in love with her and all her toughness, beauty, grace, fire, desire, and, maybe most of all, for the rap Janel McCarville told us she'd so often bust in practice: "DJ Whay, she spins the rhymes and drops the dimes [passes]."


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