Brother and Sister

The self-titled debut 10-inch by real-life siblings Brother and Sister takes yesterday's guitar rock redux out of the garage and bounces it right into the rumpus room, full as it is with wailing, wanky solos and bouncy drum beats. It's pretty fun stuff, but compared to the singular joy of seeing this blissed-out duo live, recorded BS is just that--recorded B.S. Brother, a.k.a. Michael Gaughan, is an ex-art-school tech geek who originally rose to local mythical status as Ice-Rod, a slick-talking, rat-tailed battle MC. His new creative incarnation pairs an affinity for glammy guitar dancing--his signature move looks like Axl Rose doing the duck walk--with his adorable younger sister Katie, a semi-talented drummer who positively beams rock 'n' roll enthusiasm. But like the music, the siblings themselves are background. The real stars of a Brother and Sister show are the antics that punctuate them. In the last year alone they've played guitars made of Rice Krispies treats and Jolly Ranchers, Michael has played an entire show hanging upside down, and their recent record-release concert was held in the downtown YWCA pool. That last show is already local legend, thanks to the unbelievable citywide scavenger hunt that preceded it (the 80-plus crowd didn't even know where the show was; a two-hour string of cryptic clues, secret maps, and a cast of shady friends led the eager hunters to the pool party). "Crowd-pleasing" doesn't even begin to describe a Brother and Sister concert. These kids go way, way out of their way to make sure everyone's having the time of their lives.


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