Wild Rose Tanning and Lingerie

Let's face it: Victoria's Secret is that's she's boring. If the purpose of lingerie is to make you feel sexier and more naked than when you're merely wearing nothing, why not slip into something truly bad? For 20 years, Wild Rose Tanning and Lingerie has made people feel comfortable doing just that. The cozy storefront offers a striking selection of baby-doll nighties, see-through teddies, corsets, booty shorts, and other items from the 56-year-old Shirley of Hollywood catalog (which is also carried by Frederick's of Hollywood, in case you were wondering). You can special-order whatever else you want (note Shirley's plus-size Intimate Attitudes line) and even try on apparel in the store. It's the kind of unpretentious shop that crowds its limited space with Avon products and consignment clothing alongside the camisoles and feather boas. Owner Janet Bergstrom got her start hosting lingerie parties for shy Minnesotans before opening the place, and now welcomes a variety of regulars, from tanners to transvestites. In other words, this is your neighborhood sex-wear store.


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