This moveable queer dance night has perhaps best been described as a cornucopia of women: twentysomethings dressed to the nines and fortysomethings who have been dressed to the nines for years; college students, professional women, and auto mechanics. The music includes R&B, salsa, and Indian hip hop, all enhanced by light beer and apple martinis. A three-year-old women-only event, Twilight is most often held at Dinkytown's usually straight Kitty Cat Klub, but also travels to the Varsity, Bobino, the Loring Pasta Bar, and other venues. Wherever the party's happening, the women are gorgeous, the music phenomenal, and the dance floor invariably sweaty. Proof positive, as the event's not-quite-reliably updated website pronounces, "that queer women do live in Minnesota and they do love to go out."


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