Psycho Suzi's Motor Lodge

This category always comes down to the same handful of candidates. Grumpy's Bar continues to frustrate us by keeping the volume on its excellent jukebox turned way too low. The Turf Club's music machine spends too many hours out of circulation owing to the live-music offerings. And the C.C. Club? On closer inspection, it's simply nostalgia that keeps that place permanently on our jukebox shortlist. Which leaves us with veteran heavyweight the Triple Rock Social Club and sophomore challenger Psycho Suzi's Motor Lodge. We're giving the narrow edge to the Nordeast tiki bar this year. Psycho Suzi's jukebox offers a redoubtable rainbow coalition of selections to satiate any musical taste: Eartha Kitt, Black Sabbath, Weezer, Curtis Mayfield, Tom Waits, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Public Enemy. But what ultimately won us over was its innovative use of CD-burning technology. The jukebox always features a mixed disk of songs picked out by Psycho Suzi's employee of the month. We don't recall which employee picked it, but we sure enjoyed shoveling out a couple of quarters to hear the Supersuckers' "Creepy Jackalope Eye."


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