Kill the Vultures

Minnesota vocalists ranging from Bob Dylan to Craig Finn have moved to New York City to freshen the imagination, get noticed, and come out writing better than ever--about Minnesota. But Kill the Vultures are probably the first transplants to improve their creative fortunes by moving back: The former Oddjobs (without DJ-producer Deetalx, but with DJ-producer Anatomy still in tow) recently unveiled a radical new sound on local stages and on their self-titled Locust Records/Jibdoor debut. Over a pounding clatter that's part Age of Chance, part Public Enemy, three commanding voices swing like mad over the racket, like Last Poets on a bed of bongos. "Kill the vultures/before they dine on all of us," shout rappers Crescent Moon, Advizer, and Nomi in urgent unison (and that motto is as close as they get to life affirmation). For love ballads, the boys come out screaming: "Dip my dick into the ocean/drown in the wind," howls Nomi before destroying a brick building with "lovemaking vibration." If this is Dead Poets Society rap, don't be surprised if some large portion of the nation stands on its desk.


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