Tayler Hill

To the true sports fan, there is nothing quite so enticing as a sentence that begins, "Have you heard about this kid...?" It is what gave legs to Darcy Frey's The Last Shot, which chronicled four prep stars (including future NBA all-star Stephon Marbury), and what led one local daily newspaper to label then-high school puckster (turned U of M hockey star) Natalie Darwitz "The Phenom." We are in awe of all that potential and organic athleticism, which is what we've got here in Tayler Hill, an eighth-grade point guard who starts for Minneapolis South High School. There are certainly more accomplished high schoolers (Braham hoops icon Isaiah Dahlman, for one), with more awards and accolades. But Hill--the only eighth-grade girl to be selected to the Star Tribune's All-Metro team--is the one we'll pay to see over the next four years. She led the metro in scoring with a 22.1 points-per-game average, led her team to the state tournament this year, and has vowed to win it next year. At press time, 30 Division I colleges had contacted her. That slurping sound you hear coming from Williams Arena is Gophers coach Pam Borton salivating. Only time will tell whether Hill blows up or flames out, but starting next October we'll head over to the South gym as often as possible, so we can say we saw her when.


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