Here's some little-known history about an institution you may think of only in terms of swimming pools and T-ball: The YWCA of Minneapolis was founded in 1891 by the envelope-pushers of the day, women working outside the home. Since then, it's been at the forefront of numerous movements for social change, including the struggle for racial integration of the 1940s and support for women's economic independence since the 1960s. Yes, the Minneapolis YWCA offers Pilates, but it also has a public policy department that promotes the interests of families, women, and people of color at the state Legislature, a racial justice department that offers a number of antiracism initiatives, and most recently has begun establishing a database of women and minorities interested in serving on nonprofit and public boards of directors. In celebration of this legacy, this year they're rolling out a new logo and a series of public service announcements that speak to this mission: "Eliminating racism, empowering women." Work out your beliefs, indeed.

Location Details

1130 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis MN 55403


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