Contrary to some bartender's mixing skills, a cocktail shouldn't be a drink that makes you gag when sipped from the top before stirring, or one that simply masks the alcohol content well, or one that's mostly ice and served up with a coffee stirrer. A good cocktail should be a complex sipping experience. It should have a consistent and pleasant punch of fruit juices, hard alcohol, and liqueurs in each swallow. The spacious and posh Bar Lurcat manages to do just that with a variety of tasty cocktails. Don't let the notebook-sized drink menu intimidate you (they offer more than 200 bottles of wine, a dozen single-malt scotches, 10 different martinis, and more)--we recommend classic drinks like the caipirinha (lime, sugar, and brandy), mojito, whiskey sour, and the old-school gin-and-vermouth martini. Bar Lurcat also serves up appetizers and "small plates" ideal for snacking between drinks. The mini-burgers (two straight-up meat-and-bread sandwiches that are great for sharing), crunchy fries served in a tin bucket with béarnaise sauce, and calamari with citrus dipping sauce are especially tasty.

Location Details

1624 Harmon Pl.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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