New rule: A beach is only as good as the water is clear. If we can't see our perfectly manicured toes when standing tit deep, we want nothing to do with it. Okay, so Square Lake is not technically in the Twin Cities, and you're going to have to pay one of those fees we're always griping about to get yourself within dipping distance (county park vehicle permits cost $5 per day or $25 for an annual pass). But with underwater visibility of 15 to 20 feet we're willing to fork over an Abraham Lincoln. Above water you'll find picnic tables, spotless restrooms, a canoe launch, and a fishing pier. Feeling adventurous? Plan ahead for a scuba session and get a glimpse of the underwater attractions, which include sunken boats and canoes, a variety of fish, and the tail section of a plane. Finally, we recommend that you pack a picnic, because they've replaced the pleasant concession stand with less agreeable vending machines. Oh, and Fido is gonna have to sit this one out. No pooches equals no poo.

Location Details

13359 Partridge Road N.
Stillwater MN 55082-8526


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