Le Meridien

Sometimes we sit around and daydream about moving away from Minneapolis and getting some kind of job where people close million-dollar deals all day, exclusively so that some corporation could return us here to do business, and we could expense a week at Le Meridien. Wouldn't that be wonderful? To start every morning in the beautiful Cosmos dining room, with its futuristic wood grain pillars and sculptural mirror art, munching on grapefruit brûlée and lobster frittata; to end every evening feasting upon the inventions of chef Seth Bixby Daugherty, sampling dishes like his famous rosy Summerfield lamb chops with a balsamic-tinged watercress salad decorated with duck-fat braised lamb shoulder, preserved lemon, creamy Humboldt Fog goat cheese, sweet currants, and puckery roasted red peppers. Well, of course we could go to Cosmos on our own, and we do, for fancy cocktails, like that one with the skewer of hand-turned apple balls, in the gorgeous bar, or a multi-course tasting meal, but mostly only on our birthdays. All things considered, it would be nicer if someone else picked up the check--preferably someone in a tower in Geneva. Hey, if anybody out there wants to recommend us for the Wharton MBA program, we know just where to meet to discuss it.

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601 First Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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