Sapor Cafe

What is love? Is it the ability to look past a surface, and see the true wonder and beauty inside? Is it an appreciation of real thoughtfulness, serenity, and clarity of vision? Is it when you want to focus on your date, and not on the raucous razzmatazz and racket around you? If you have answered yes to these questions, report immediately to Sapor, the most under-appreciated restaurant in Minneapolis. Once there you will find the elegant, bold cooking of Tanya Siebenaler (her miso-glazed salmon with wasabi potato cake is legendary), a decor of peaceful earth tones rendered in modern angles, a charming and affordable beer and wine list, and--hallelujah!--a room that is always mysteriously half-empty, and gloriously still enough that you can hear what your date really has to say. Of course, you might ask, if the quietness of Sapor is such a selling point, why are we writing about it? Because we love them so much, and love is blind. Though it's not blind enough to notice that sometimes it's really only us and our dates enjoying this charming restaurant with its copious free Warehouse District parking. More than anything, we want the best quiet restaurant in the Twin Cities to remain a romantic ace in the hole, and so we have appealed to you: Buddy, won't you share some love?

Location Details

428 Washington Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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